Week in Review: November 5 – November 11 2018

The plan for this week was to make it a recovery week with much less training time and that is how it ended up.  I ended the week with just about 5 hrs of training time and it included 2 swims, 2 runs, and 2 bike rides.

The 2 runs I did were quite a contrast.  Wednesday’s run was in warm and humid FL at about 77F while Saturday’s run was 40 degrees cooler at 35F

For the coming week, I expect my workout volume to also be reduced as I’m flying to Phoenix on Saturday.  I’ll be there to volunteer for Ironman AZ so that I can register for next year’s Ironman AZ


Goals for Next Week: The weather this come week is going to be brutal and so I expect all my bike rides will have to be indoors.  I will be aiming for at least 3 swim days of 1500m each, 3 run days for a total of my normal 18 miles, and 2 bike days of about an hour each