Ironman Training – Week 3-13 – May 13 – July 28 2019

The last 10 weeks of training has been a mixed bag, but overall I think there was more good than bad.

I got some nice long rides of 50 and 60 miles done and some long runs of 7 and 8 miles. The worse part has been my swimming as it has been very irregular, especially for the weeks where I travelled to FL. Being summer, the hotel pool has been rather busy and I had to cut some of my swim sessions short.

The worse part of my training has been the last two weeks while I was on vacation in Trinidad. I took my bike with me, but only managed to get one good bike ride in and even then, it was only for 19 miles. I got a few runs done and one really good swim session. It was rather depressing watching my fitness number on Training Peaks drop.

At this point, I have 17 weeks of training left. I decided to drop from the Be Iron Fit competitive plan to the intermediate plan and I really need to buckle down and get my workouts done. I have been doing the just finish swim workouts which only does two swim sessions a week, but I plan to do three