Week in Review: November 12 – November 18

This week was a mixed bag.  The week started off great, but I didn’t any workouts in the latter part as I was travelling to Ironman Arizona to volunteer.

I did my 3 running days for a total of 18 miles.  This was some cold running, but it was great to get the 18 miles in.

I swam for 2 days, 1500m each day.  The good thing is that I did both 1500m continuously.  I didn’t intend to do that, but it worked out.  I never thought I would have ever said this, but swimming 1500m is actually quite easy.  It’s the equivalent for going for an “easy run”

For cycling, I tried the Zwift experiment again. It started off with my trying to do a FTP test and that failed miserably with my giving up abut 5 mins into the 20 mins FTP section.  In the course of doing that FTP test, I found I actual like the training part of Swift where you follow a workout in ERG mode and Zwift simply controls the trainer so you are at a given power.  The key though is having a proper FTP value to use to base the workouts off.  I will attempt to do the FTP test again next week


Goals for Next Week: I want to get a Zwift FTP test done.  I will try and run 3 days, but I may only get to swim 1 day with Thanksgiving this week.