Third Major Swimming Milestone

Yesterday (October 26) I hit my next milestone….I swam for 1500m without stopping.  Like my previous milestones, I didn’t start off the swim thinking I would go the whole distance.  After the first 100m I was actually feeling a little tired, but I settled into a rhythm and just tried to hit various distance targets.  First it was to get to 500m, then when I get there I would shoot for 700m, then 1000m.  When I got to 1100m was when I figured I had to go all the way.

I am sure I could have kept going for a few more hundred meters, but mentally, it was tough.  Once I set that target of 1500m, I just had to stop when I hit it, even though I could have gone further.  The other mental aspect is that I still get quite bored just swimming up and down the pool.

Looking back at my other milestones, I hit them at:

  • Sep 25 – Swam 500m
  • October 3 – Swam 1000m

I am quite pleased with my progress.  Back on July 9, I took 42 mins to swim just 200m due to all the long breaks I had to take every 25m.  Now within that same time, I swam for 1500m just 3.5 months later.

My next major milestone will be swimming 2000m without stopping.  I should think I could get up to swimming a total of 2000m with a few short breaks by the end of November and then the full 2000m without stopping by the end of the year