Week in Review: October 15 – October 21 2018

This week involved an unplanned trip to FL which means I got to swim in the hotel pool again.  My aim was to swim 40 mins a day as I increase the swimming time and I managed to do this, but the great thing was that based on my measurement of the pool length using Google Maps, I think I swam 1500m each day.  I will know for sure how long I’m swimming once I get back to the 25m pool this week

I was able to run 15 miles for the week which I’m happy about especially as I had to run 2 days in the FL heat and humidity.  The run I’m most proud of though is the Monday run which I did in 44F temperatures and in the rain.  That was quite a cold run!

My cycling has once again suffered as I just couldn’t bear to ride for more than 30 mins on the indoor bike.  I did manage a 2-hr (33-mile) ride on Saturday, but even that should have been a 3-hr ride.

I ended the week at 7 hours of workout time.


Goals for Next Week: For the next week, I hope to swim 1500m each day.  For running, I plan to up my weekly mileage from 15 miles to 18 miles….an average of 6 miles a day.  For cycling, I will once again shoot for a 3-hr ride on the weekend