Week in Review: October 8 – October 14 2018

Whenever I have to travel for work, my workout schedule always gets a bit screwed up.  I went into the week knowing I would be swimming in a smaller hotel pool and not being sure of the distance so my goal was to swim 30 mins each of my 4 swimming days.  I was able to do that so that was great.  I’m not sure of the correct distance I swam, but I figured it was somewhere in the 1100-1200m range

I only ran 1 day in FL as it’s always so hard running in the warmer, humid weather, but I made up for that by running 7 miles on Saturday.  That was my longest run for the year.  The weather was perfect and I felt great.  I ended my running week with a 3 mile run as part of a BRICK workout to hit 15 miles for the week.  I was surprised how good I felt running off the bike.  My legs had the normal jelly feeling, but after the for first mile, they felt normal and I ran the 3 miles without any walking breaks.  The surprising part though was that I ran it at under 11-mile/mile pace.  My legs felt great and they just kept going.

While my swimming and running went great, my cycling was below average.  Mentally, I’m having a hard time doing the longer ride.  It didn’t help that it was 60F on Sunday.  To avoid the long ride, I ended up riding just 1 hour and turning my bike ride into a BRICK workout and running 3 miles after cycling for 17 miles.

Goals for Next Week: I have an unexpected trip back to FL so that is going to impact my training schedule.  It is likely I’ll only get in 3 swimming days and all of them will be at a hotel pool again.  So, my goals will be to swim 30 mins each of the 3 swimming days, run 15 miles and do a 40-50-mile long bike ride