Week in Review: October 22 – October 28 2018

This week is as close to the perfect training week as I’ve come.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was very close. In all, I did 9 hrs of training which is a new high for me.

First, I hit a major swimming milestone by swimming for 1500m without stopping.  That is a swimmer’s mile.  It took me 41 mins to swim that distance so I’m not breaking any speed records, but I’ll take it.  I was looking back at my swimming history and 3.5 months ago on July 9, I took 42 mins to swim 200m due to all the long breaks I had to take every 25m. It’s amazing to see how much progress I’;ve made in such a short time.  For the week, I swam for 3 days, 1500m each day.  This would have been a perfect swimming week if had swam for 4 days.

On the running front, my plan was to up my mileage to 18 miles for an average of 6 miles each day.  I managed to do that.

This past week had some very cold mornings including one of my mid-week rides. It was cold and so I only managed to ride for 30 mins that day as I just could not get warm.  I have since bought some long cycling pants and I’ll have to wear an additional base layer for those colder temperatures.  I did do a 2-hr, 34-mile ride on Sunday.


Goals for Next Week: I would like to do another 9-hr week this week.  I’m travelling to FL the week after and so my training time may be impacted so doing a 9-hr week this week and then using the travel week as a recovery would be ideal.  I plan to swim 3 days, 1500m each day and to run 18 miles again.  The remainder of my workout time will be riding.