Week in Review: July 30 – August 5 2018

This week went great up until the last day.  My running started off a bit disappointing.  I went for my run on Monday and my legs were just tired.  I noticed that from the previous Monday too.  I think running the day after my long ride is the issue.  I ended up only running 2 miles on Monday.  My other two running days went really well though.  I ran 5 miles on both Wednesday and Friday without any walking breaks.  I think 5 miles will be my standard run moving forward.  I don’t plan to bump that up for a while.  I’ll probably stick to that through August

This week was the first week of my advanced swimming class. It was a bit disappointing though in that I didn’t really learn anything.  The other folks were much weaker than me so the instructor focused on them.  She did give me a couple tips, but that was it.  On Thursday I ended up lap swimming on my own.  The good news is that for 2 of the 4 days this week, I did lap swimming and I did 400m in total on Wednesday and 450m on Thursday.  I was nice to swim in a proper pool and measure the distance vs swimming in the community pool.  I can tell I’m getting fitter, but I still can’t swim more than 50m without having to take a break.

My bike riding was decent.  I did about 17 miles each of the weekdays, but today (Saturday) was the disappointing ride.  I was planning to ride 40 miles, but I just felt so tired, I ended up only riding 15 miles.  I don’t think the late swimming in the evenings and early morning workouts helped.

For the week, I ended up with about 6 hrs of workout time:

Goals for Next Week: I hope to swim at least 400m each of the swimming days and to hit 500m on at least one of the days.  I’ll do three 5-mile runs and stick to my normal bike rides.  For next week, I will try again to do a long 40-mile ride.