Week in Review: August 6 – August 12 2018

This week wasn’t bad.  My running went reasonably well with two 5-mile days.  Wednesday was a bit sucky and I only ran 3 miles that day.

This was the second week of my advanced swimming class.  I didn’t actually take part in any of the class and I simply swam laps on my own.  The great things is that I swam 500m each of the days.  The 4th class day was cancelled due to weather.  I can tell I am progressing in my swimming and although I can only swim 25m at a time, the amount of break I need between laps is less.  I can’t wait until that break is non-existent.

The bike went well, but for the second week in a row, I didn’t do a long ride on the weekend.  It was raining the entire weekend and I found a one hour gap where I can ride without the rain, but the road was wet so I went slower than normal.  I bought a bike trainer that will arrive this coming week so Iwill no longer have any weather excuse!


Goals for Next Week: I’m traveling this coming week so I wouldn’t have the 25m pool to swim in.  I’ll be swimming in in the hotel pool.  So, instead of worrying about distance, I’ll be aiming to do 15 mins of swim each of my swim days.  I’ll be on the indoor gym bike so I’ll go for 1 hour while traveling.  I’ll be back home for the weekend and shoot for a 40-45 mile bike ride.  I may do that on Zwift to try it out.  Running would be three 5-mile days