Week in Review: July 23 – July 29 2018

The plan for today’s long workout was a 40-mile bike ride followed by a 2-mile run.  A brick session.  My alarm went off at 5am and I woke up all stiff and sore.  My body felt really tired.  I wondered if my scuba diving yesterday was a mistake!

Anyway, I am determine not to skip any workouts as I know if I miss one, it would be that much easier to miss a second and a third.  I decided that I will always get up and do a workout, even if I have to shorten the distance or duration.  So I got up and figured that worse case I would ride 15-20 miles and skip the run.

The ride went well and at each checkpoint, I evaluated how I felt and went a bit more, but even at the 35 mile point, I figured I would skip the run.  But, I ended up going the 40 miles and I also ended up doing my run.

I’m glad I did as the run actually felt great.  Mind you, the legs still felt weird but surprising I didn’t have that jelly-leg feeling and I was actually able to run right out of my transition.  I had a hard time controlling my pace and HR as my legs just wanted to keep going at a faster than normal pace, so I switched to running 1-min, walking 1-min.  For the second, I moved to running 2-mins, walking 1-min

In the end, I did my 40-mile bike and 2-mile run in just under 3 hours.

For this week, I met my goal of swimming 10 mins each day.

For the week, I managed to up my workout time by a hour over the last few weeks, doing 7 hrs 41 mins.

Goals for Next Week: This will be week one of a 2-week advanced swimming class so I’m not sure how much actually swimming I’ll do.  I have to believe it’ll be more than 10 mins, but for this week, I’ll do whatever I can get during the class.  This week I’ll make 4-miles my shortest run distance and I expect to do at least 14 miles  for the week.  If the legs are feeling good, I may take one of my runs to 5 miles.  On the bike, I will stick to 15 miles for my regular ride and I’ll do 40 miles for my long ride.