T-minus-one-day to Race Day

I’ve been in Tempe since Thursday and the last couple days were spent preparing. There was registration, building up my bike, gathering last minute items like water for mixing drinks, and packing the all-important gear bags.

There is only one last task left and that it to drop my bike and gear bags off at transition. That will be done early this afternoon.

With IM tomorrow, I now find my myself looking at my watch regularly and saying to myself “tomorrow at this time, I will be starting the swim“, “tomorrow this time time I’ll be coming out of the water“, “tomorrow this time I’ll be almost on the bee line highway on the bike“. I can only hope this is all true and disaster doesn’t strike on the swim.

Yes, the swim is still my biggest concern and memories of Ironman 70.3 FL will not fade away any time soon. I know that if I get out of the water, I can overcome anything that may occur on the bike or run.