Not Well!

Yesterday I was a bit tired, but I chalked it up to the long training hours over the weekend. I went to bed early to try and get a good night’s rest.

Well, this morning’s run was a disaster. From the time I started to run, it just didn’t feel right. The best way to describe it is that I felt the way I would feel in the last mile of a 11-12 mile run. I as tired and my form was all over the place. I eventually had to stop ruining about 0.75 miles into my run. Then I started back up and had to stop again shortly after. At that time,I decided to call it a day, but not after a long debate with myself as to what I should do. The planned run was a tempo run and I knew I couldn’t do that, but I debated if to just run easy. In the end though, if I couldn’t even run the first mile easy, I didn’t expect much success with 6 miles.

I reached out to my coach and he suggested I try and see my doctor to see if I have the flu. My symptoms were flu-like, but very mild. I did that and the flu test came back negative. So I just have some minor virus or bug.

I’m hoping that clears up soon as I am in the meat of my training with about 1.5 weeks to go before I start to taper.

The plan is to try just riding for now and see how I feel. If I’m better by Thursday,. I’ll try a run. If not, I would take it easy and hope to be better by the weekend.