Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 15 – March 4 – March 10 2019

This was biggest training week so far with 12 hrs and 13 mins.

The one disappointment was an aborted attempt to do an open water swim in the ocean while I was in Florida for work. The water was really rough with a pretty strong current. A couple of coworkers and I swam about 500m along the shore and then turned around. That was the hard part. We must have swam for about 5 mins and got absolutely no where. We ended up just walking back to our starting point.

Most of the training this week was over the weekend. The weather cooperated and I was able to do my long ride outdoors in some really nice weather. Upper 60s F and sunny. Of course, it would be too much to ask for perfect weather so I had to deal with 20mph winds. Normally I tend to fixate on my speed, but since it was so windy, I decided to fixate on my power instead and not worry about how fast I was going into the headwinds. At many points I would be riding at 200W and only going 9-10mph. I ended the 3-hr ride with an average power of 144W for the entire ride and a new reported FTP of 167W

I also did my longest run of my training at 12 miles. As it turns out, this is also the first time I have run 12 miles or more since 2007…..the year I did all my marathon training. After my run my inner thighs were bruised from all the chafing. I have to start using BodyGlide on my long runs.

There was one workout my coach added for the Thursday. It was a last minute addition after I asked him how come he didn’t have any bike rides while I was in FL. But he added it so late and I already had a run and swim for that day that I didn’t bother to do it. If he had put it for the Wednesday I would have done it Wednesday morning, but he only added it to my plan Wednesday evening.

Week 16 is going to be another 12-hr week.