Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 5 – December 24 – December 30 2018

The week started off great, but by Thursday, it ended up being rather tough.  For my swim on Thursday, I had to take a few short breaks which is unusual based on how I’ve been swimming recently.  I was just tired.  I hoped the rest day on Friday would have helped, but I was still tried on Saturday.

I managed to complete all my workouts based on the distances and times, but for my Saturday run, I did it as a normal aerobic run and didn’t do the 11×30 sec intervals.

In retrospect, I think there were a couple factors involved:

  • This was my biggest week ending at 10.5 hours of training
  • Since the pool I swim at was closed both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I had to rearrange my workouts.  I also moved cycling around to try and take advantage of the good weather.  I think this ended up pushing a lot of my harder workouts to the start of the week


Plan For Next Week:

I hope to minimize the workout reshuffling, but there will be a little as I try and get the linger bike ride done outside on the better day of the week.  In total though, this coming will be be a similar load to the week that just ended.  The biggest challenge will be swimming 2350m which will be longest swim by quite a bit.