Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 4 – December 17 – December 23 2018

Today marks the end of my fourth week of training and the end of my first training block.   The 20-week plan I’m following is dividing into five 4-week training block.  The first 2 blocks (8 weeks) are the “Base” phase.  Every 4th week is a recovery week so I had it a bit easier this week than the previous 3, but I still did over 8 hrs of training!


I read this book this week and it was rather interesting.  It looks at all the different ways that you can get faster on the swim, bike and run and how much faster.  It was rather depressing to read about all the various things triathletes can do and the very small benefit it would produce.  You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on various components or equipment and only see speed increases of “minutes” over the course of an 112 mile Ironman bike segment.  For professionals, that is important, but for someone like me who’s goal is to “simply finish”, it may not matter.

Now, having read the book, I still ordered an aero helmet, but that is a small price compared to deep section wheels which I can now see while it would make my bikelook cooler, for the cost, they just aren’t worth it “for me”


Plan For Next Week:

This upcoming week is going to involve a lot of workout shuffling.  I’m not working this week so I don’t need to swim in the evenings and I can actually do longer workouts midweek instead of waiting for the weekend.  So, I’ll be monitoring the weather and trying to do my bike rides outdoors when the weather is nice.  Also, since Christmas is Tuesday, the pool I swim at is closed on Monday and Tuesday and so that removes two days that I can’t actually swim.