Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 3 – December 10 – December 16 2018

This was the first week of the plan where I had to be shuffling around my workouts.  I got them all done, but just on different days.  The week started with my having to move my Monday swim so I could have attended my son’s choir concert.  Then I shuffled around my weekend workouts so I can do my long bike ride on Sunday when the weather was nicer and allowed me to ride outside….a rare occurrence these days.

I’m really getting used to riding indoors, but for now, an hour seems to be as much as I could bear.  This is an improvement though as it wasn’t long ago, 30 mins was a struggle.

I ended the week with 10 hours of workout time.  My largest ever.  I did hit 9 hours a couple times previously


Plan For Next Week:

This is a recovery week on my plan so things will be easier.