Week in Review: August 20 – August 26 2018

This week was pretty similar to last week in terms of the amount of workout time of just under 8 hours.

The most frustrating part of my training is the swimming. I just don’t feel as though I’m getting any better. For a change, I’m going to try using the Total Immersion swimming methodology for this week.  I had bought the video course on Udemy a while back when it was on sale and I just picked up a couple books on the program.  I decided that for this week, I’m not going to focus on swimming laps, but instead, I’m just going to focus on the skills from the program to see if it can help with my sinking legs.  I’m 90% sure that is the source of all my current issues.


Goals for the Week: I don’t expect any changes to my running and cycling.  Swimming wil be to simply do the Total Immersion skills and then perhaps go to the pool one day towards the end of the week to see if I can see ay difference