Tri Bars

When I bought my bike, it came with regular road bike handles.  The bike was actually available in two versions, a road bike, and a tri bike.  The frame was the same.  Here is a stock photo of the tri version:

After riding the road bike with aero bars attached, I started to not like how it looked.  I wanted that sleek tri-bike look.  Also, I thought it would be nice to have the shifters on the bar end.  So, I ended up buying the various parts I needed – bullhorn, brake levers, and bar-end shifters and this week, I had a bike mechanic install them.  He had to run new cables, but in the end, I think the bike looks great.

I rode 17 miles with them this morning and I love the shifters! With the original STI (integrated) shifters, I’m never quite sure if I wnt up (or down) one or two gears, but with the bar-end shifters, it is all indexed so a single click is a single gear change

All I’m missing are a set of deep section carbon wheels.