Week in Review: July 16 – July 22 2018

This week is typical of what I can expect once a month.  Every month, I fly to FL to work at my company’s office for a week.  The difficulty with that is that I don’t have my bike and my swimming options are limited.

For the trip this past week, I chose to stay in a different hotel to the one I typically stay at.  My typical hotel has a gym, but it doesn’t have a stationary bike.  The hotel I stayed at had a stationary bike and a slightly larger pool.

So, my 2 weekday bike rides were done on an indoor bike.  For the first one on Tuesday, I decided to just listen to my music.  That was booooring.  I couldn’t wait to be done.  Also, for some reason, it is mentally hard to pedal like I would on the road.  So, I took the opportunity to do it as a high cadence workout doing the entire ride at 100RPM or higher.

For the Thursday morning ride, I decided to watch a movie.  That made the time go much faster.  Again, I did the whole ride at 100RPM or higher.

For my long ride, I was back home and did a 37-mile ride.  It felt pretty good.  Due to the excessively high temperatures in the DFW area this week, I wanted to ensure I was done while it was still cool, so I started at 5:30am doing the first 30-45 mins in the dark.  By the time I was done, the temperature was only 80F.

I continued to swim, doing my 4 swim days at the hotel pool.  The pool is only 15m so it involved a lot of laps.  I managed to swim at least 200m per day.  I can tell that I need less and less rest between laps, for for now, I think I can only swim about 50m before needing a rest.

Running went well and was typical of previous week.

My training time was right about the same as last week at 6 hrs 36 mins.

Goals for Next Week: I expect my week will be similar to this past one, but I would like to thrown in more swimming time.  Last week I would do about 6 mins of actual swimming time each session.  I’ll look to move that to about 10 mins