Week in Review: July 9 – July 15 2018

This week went pretty well.  My goal was to swim at least 200m each of the 4 days that I had my swimming lessons, and I managed to do that.  I didn’t make my stretch goal of swimming 400m on one of the days, but I can tell I’m slowly building up endurance in that I need rest less time between 25m lengths.

Friday was tough as my body felt really tired.  I was glad to have the rest day on Saturday.

I didn’t do a brick work today as I wanted to extend my long ride to 35 miles, which I did, and I decided that it was best to not try and run after that.  I did run 4 miles on two my 3 running days though so I ran the same total of 11 miles as I have done for the past few weeks.

My workout time went up to 6 hrs 41 mins this week.  A new high.  Here is what my week looked like:


Goals For Next Week: I’m travelling to FL this week so I wouldn’t have my bike, but I hope to do the equivalent amount of biking on an indoor bike.  I will continue to do 35 miles for my long bike ride, but I will throw in the 1.5 mile run immediately after.  Total running for the week will be 12.5 miles and I hope to do a total of 1000m of swimming