Ironman Training – Week 23 – September 30 – October 6 2019

This was my biggest training week thus far and it is only the start of a 4-week block that will see me do a couple 15-hour weeks. The week called for 14 hours, but I only did 13.5 hours. This was due a missed run on start of the week. My body was just still too tired after the half-iron distance training session at the end of the previous week.

The biggest workout was the 5-hour ride on Sunday. I am pleased that I managed to ride 90.6 miles in 5 hours for an average speed of 18.1 mph. It was tiring and if I were in my actual race, I would probably not have pushed so hard in the latter part to try and maintain that average speed so as to save something for the run. Dropping 1-2 mph in the second half would not impact my time by that much.

The second aspect of the workout that I liked is that I may have finally solved my cramping issue. Last week I didn’t have any cramping on the 56-mile ride, but I wanted to reserve judgement until I could repeat that. On Sunday I rode for 5 hours without any cramping. I have to think it’s because of my hydration and the fact that I switched to SOS. It is keeping me better hydrated. I did continue to lick salt every 5 miles. For nutrition, I stuck with Golden Oreos. By the end of the ride, I was sick of drinking and eating the same thing.

The weather here is TX appears (at least for now) to have finally pivoted to fall weather. That should make running and riding a lot more pleasant.