Ironman Training – Week 21 – September 16 – September 22 2019

I managed to come within an hour of the planned training time doing 11:41 instead of the planned 12:45. The main reason for this is that I had a couple of all-day scuba training sessions on Saturday and Sunday and so I was unable to do the long 4-hr bike ride. Instead, I moved workouts around and extended most of them so I could get as close to the planned training time as possible.

For the 3 sports, I am most pleased about the swimming. I managed to swim 8,900 yards for the week. The closest I had come to that in the past was a 8,400 yard week and then after that I’m down in the 6,000s.

I did my longest run so far at 10 miles. It took just over 2 hours.