Ironman Training – Week 16 – August 12 – 18 2019

This week would have been a perfect training week except for 2 workouts.

I only did two swims and missed one. Also, for my long bike ride, instead of doing a 3 hr ride, I only rode for 1 hr 20 mins. I don’t really have any good excuses for those two workouts and I will try and do better this coming week.

The big change for me this past week was the pool that I swim at. I have been swimming at the Kirby Creek Natatorium for over a year now but the main issue is that their lap swim times are only for 1 hour. It is also late at night at 8pm, but I could have lived with that. The problem is that I need to swim for more than an hour. So, I ended up joining a 24Hr Fitness gym. They have a 25 yd indoor lap swim pool and its open all day. I used a 3-day trial pass to swim this past week and it worked out well. The water is a bit cold, but I was able to get a lane when I wanted. I’ve signed up for the month-to-month plan so I can cancel when I want. I will end up cancelling it around mid-November.

Apart from being able to swim for more than one hour at a time, I love being able to go swimming right after work. So I’m done before dinner time and I can get to bed by 9pm. When swimming at Kirby Creek, I would have to eat dinner early and then by the time I got home and into bed, it would be almost 10pm. The gym is also much closer and so I save time commuting. to swim.

Over the weekend I decided to raise my bike seat by about 10-15cm. I will see how that feels over the next few rides. I did this to see if I can get into a more aggressive aero position.