Ironman Training – Week 1-2 – April 29 – May 12 2019

The first two weeks of my 30-week training plan is in the bag.

The first week was a bit of a mess. When I look at the TrainingPeaks colored boxes, I only had 2 green boxes and I had one missed workout. The saving grace though was that I did get to do the Saturday PlayTri open water swim. I am still grateful that I found and joined the club as these swims continue to show my how unprepared I am for open water swimming.

The second week was much better as I manged to get all green boxes across the board and I ended the week at exactly 7 hours of training time.

I would have like to have gotten in a 3rd swim day, either in the pool or at the Saturday open water swim, but things are a bit hectic as the kids are near the end of the school year and there are various events I need to attend. Unfortunately this will be the same for the next two weeks, but once school ends at Memorial Day weekend, things should settle down.

The one thing I am proud of though is that I have been doing all my pool swims without my floaty pants. It’s been a bit tough, but I can tell I am getting fitter. I managed to swim the first 500m continuously last week Wednesday.