Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 10 – January 28 – February 3 2019

The fatigue is really starting to settle in now. By Thursday, I was tired and really looking forward to the Friday rest day,

I did have a few niggles this week. On Thursday, my left hamstring was feeling really tight and sore. I think it came from the strength/core workout on the Tuesday. At the end, it called for some stretching including touching my toes for 1 min. Normally, if I try and touch my toes, I can’t and I’m typically about 2″ away. But on Tuesday, with my muscles being warm and just hanging there and letting the stretch settle in, I gradually sunk further and further. By the end, I was able to go past my toes and touch the floor. I have a feeling that I overstretched my hamstrings. It is still currently sore, but very, very slightly. Even when sore earlier in the week, it didn’t cause any issues with my workouts.

The other issue I had was on the run from my BRICK sessions. I was getting some cramping in my left quad just a couple inches above my knee. I had to stop to massage and stretch it a few times. I’m wondering if this is due to being dehydrated. For my 8-mile long run, I happened to weigh before and after and I found that I had a net loss of 3.5lbs due to sweat. I don’t know if I did actually replace all of that fluid by Sunday. I will try and monitor that more closely next weekend.

The last issue I had was my high heart rate during my long run. Based on the pace I was running and my breathing (conversation pace), I would typically be at a HR in the 130’s, but for some reason, my HR was measuring high throughout the entire run. By the end, my average was about 151. Again, I have to wonder if I’m dehydrated.

I’ll be in Florida this week. I’m looking forward to being able to do another ocean swim. I hope I can make that happen.