Week in Review: October 1 – October 7 2018

As planned, this was a lower volume workout week as I was traveling over the weekend with the family.

The highlight of the week though was my swimming for 1000m without stopping, and not just once, but TWICE!  My goal for the week was to swim 4 days x 1000m and while I did swim 4 days x 1000m, I far exceeded that by doing 2 of those days non-stop.

I only managed to run 2 days and cycle 1 day with 3 days of no workouts.

For this next week, I’m in Florida so that may impact my cycling and swimming will be a bit odd as I have to do in the small hotel pool.

Goals for Next Week: Since I can’t tell reliably how far I’m swimming while using the hotel pool, my goal will be time-based.  I will aim to swim for 30 mins for each of my 4 swimming days.  It takes me around 26 mins to swim 1000m so I figured 30 mins will be around 1100-1200m.  That will set me up for swimming 1500m the following week back in TX.  Cycling may be a bit short this week depending on how much I can bear using the indoor gym bike, but I hope to run 15 miles.

Second Major Swimming Milestone

This week I hit my second major swimming milestone….swimming 1000m without stopping.  I didn’t start off trying to do this. Just last week I had swam 500m.  On Monday, I swam 600m and felt good.  So on Tuesday, I figured I would swim 600m again.  I got to 600m and felt good so I just kept going.  Once I hit 800m, I figured I was that far along, I would just to go 1000m and I did.

The surprising thing is that I managed to swim 1000m a second time without stopping.  This was yesterday.  I was tired when I started and my arms were a bit sore, but I got to 200m and kept going figuring I’d stop at 500m, but I got 500m and kept going.  In the end, I went all the way to 1000m.

Swimming that far for the 26 mins it takes me is quite boring, but there probably isn’t anything I can do about that.  I don’t want to get in the habit of listening to music.

I am really happy with my swimming progress.  I know I still have a long way to go to get to 2000m for the Ironman 70.3 and 4000m for the full Ironman, but it is comforting knowing that for any Ironman plan out there, I can do it as they all only need me to be swimming 500m at the start of the plan.