Week in Review: September 17 – September 23 2018

The highlight for the week for me was my swimming.  I managed to swim 1,000m each day for my 4 swimming days, but most impressively, I managed to drop my rest time to 40 secs per every 100m that I swam.  I also extended my longest swim interval to 350m.  I can just feel swimming 400-500m is close.

On the bike, everything went well except for today.  The roads were wet this morning so I decided to try and ride indoors.  I managed less than 15 minutes and I just couldn’t do it anymore.  So, I then tried to go ride outside and I was so scared of the wet roads, that ride lasted less than 20 minutes.  Eventually this evening the roads dried up and I managed to do a third ride of 23 miles.

I managed to do one 6-mile run, but overall, I couldn’t make it to 15 miles for the week.


Goals for Next Week: My focus is going to be swimming.  I will continue to do 1,000m workouts, but I would really love to do a 500m segment without stopping.