Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 2 – December 3 – December 9 2018

Week 2 is in the bag and everything went according to plan.  I was in FL for the week so all my swimming was done in a short 17m hotel pool and my bikes workouts while in FL were done in an indoor hotel gym bike.

I ended the week with just over 9 hrs of training time.

Unfortunately due to the weather, I didn’t get to ride outside and based on the weather for the upcoming week, next week may also be all indoors.

A major difference this week has been running on new Hoka Bondi 5 shoes.  Prior to this week, I had done a short run in the Hokas, but for this week, all my runs were in the Hokas and I have to say, they feel great.  I don’t know if this is just coincidence or the fact that I’ve been running less mileage in these opening weeks, but my Achilles has not been bothering me.  I think my long relationship with New Balance may have come to an end and this will be a new relationship with Hoka One One


Plan for Next Week:

Here is the plan for this coming week.  I may have to move the Monday swim around as I have to attend my son’s choir concert, but other than that, I expect a pretty smooth week

Ironman 70.3 Training – Week 1 – November 26 – December 2 2018

This was the first week of the 20-week training plan.  There were no hiccups and I was able to do all the workouts according to the plan except for the swimming – more on that in a bit.  I ended the week with 8.5 hrs of workout time.

For the swimming, I am not sure about doing the various drill sets etc, but I did do a few lengths faster than normal when the workout called for the fartlek swimming.  I did swim the required distances though.

For the long run on Sunday, I was tempted to run about 1.5 hrs instead of the planned 50 mins, but in the end I ran just under an hour.  I decided to try and stick to the plan even though it has me running less than my typical recent weeks.

All my bike workouts were on the indoor trainer, but luckily for me, the weather was nice on Saturday and that allowed me to do my long ride outside.  I felt really good and Training  Peaks identified a new FTP based on a 20-min segment during my ride.  I now have an outside FTP of 162W.


Plan for Next Week: 

Here is the planned workouts for the coming week.  I’ll be in FL so a couple of the bike workouts will be on an indoor gym and my swimming will be in a short 15m hotel pool