Ironman Training – Week 27 – October 28 – November 3 2019

For the first 5 days of the week, it was a perfect training week. All my swims were done including one of them in my full wetsuit – I hope to do at least one swim a week for the remainder of my training in the full wetsuit. I got to run outdoors in the cooler weather. I did have to do a the BRICK workout indoors as it was too cold.

Things fell apart a bit over the weekend. On Saturday I headed out for my 3-hr run. About 1 mile into my run, I started to feel as though I needed to go to the bathroom. I kept going hoping it would go away, but it never did. I ended up cutting the run short after 3 miles. When I got home, I did have to go to the bathroom.

On Sunday, I decided to re-try my 3-hr run instead of the 5-hr bike due to the poor weather. The run went well. I started off by clicking off the early miles at around 11:30 min/mile. Quite fast for me. I did eventually slow down, but in the end I ran 15 miles in 3:01. That is a 12:01 min/mile pace. I would have liked to have been under the 12 min/min, but I was still pleased with the run anyway.

In the end I ended up missing my long 5-hr bike ride. and ended the week at 10:44 hrs of training.

Since I have not been doing the last couple of long bike rides, my training fitness on TrainingPeaks has plateaued but I’m actually not upset about that. I would be happy to go into my Ironman with my current level of fitness.

Oh, and this past week BIB numbers were released. I am BIB number 3058 for my Ironman!